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Your Premier Chiropractor in Lake Jackson, TX and Spring, TX.

Untitled 3Welcome to Ward Chiropractic Center!  Our entire team is committed to bringing you and your family better health and a better way of life by practicing the true principles of chiropractic care.  Ward Chiropractic Center is a full service health provider specializing in chiropractic care, sports therapy and massage. We offer a brand-new, state-of-the-art facility with a relaxed, spa-like atmosphere.  Both of our wellness centers are conveniently located to better serve you.

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Dr. Jeff Ward, BBA, DC, BS

Spring and Lake Jackson

Dr. Jeff Ward, chiropractor of Ward Chiropractic Center, is committed to helping all his patients live the wellness lifestyle.  Dr. Ward meets with his patients directly to make a connection and to show that he will help relieve his patients from any discomfort...Read More
Stephanie Brown3

Dr. Stephanie Brown, BS, DC


Dr. Stephanie Brown grew up in a small town just outside of Chicago. She moved to Texas in 2007 to attend Texas A&M University. There she earned her Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science... Read More
Dr. Aaron Bridwell2

Dr. Aaron Bridwell, BS, DC

Lake Jackson

Dr. Aaron Bridwell, DC realized at a young age that his calling in life was to be a servant and help others reach their fullest potential in life. He decided to pursue the field of chiropractic after becoming fascinated...Read More
Staci Schneider

Dr. Staci Schneider, BS, DC, LAT

Lake Jackson

Dr. Staci Schneider graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Exercise Physiology with a minor in History, as well as her license in Athletic Training...Read More

Amber Ward

Spring and Lake Jackson

Amber was born and raised in the small town of Cuero, TX. She played collegiate tennis for Temple College and later graduated from Texas A&M University with a BBA degree in Business Finance...Read More
Shelbie Murry2

Shelbie Murry

Office Manager
Lake Jackson

Shelbie is from Van Vleck, Texas and is currently living in Lake Jackson, TX. She recently graduated from Sam Houston State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Marketing/Management...Read More
Marissa Novotny2

Marissa Novotny

Front Desk Manager

Marissa grew up in the small town of Bloomfield, New Mexico. The type of town with only three traffic lights and everyone knows everyone. After being in Bloomfield her entire life, she married her best friend in March of 2017....Read More

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I have been an advocate for chiropractic care since 1986. After spending 2 ½ years going to traditional doctors for pain relief after my coxis was broken in childbirth in 1984. There was little they could offer me except painkillers, which provided no real progress or physical reparations. Then a wise friend of mine recommended that I try her chiropractor that had delivered amazing relief to her and wondered what he could do for me.

That was the beginning of my healing. It was an eye opening experience; different to what I had been exposed to my whole life. It was all new and quite unfamiliar, but it set me on a positive proactive course for the rest of my life—one that would allow me to utilize the best of what western or eastern medicine can offer.
Wherever my family moves in this great country of ours, I always look up and explore chiropractic care providers. Here in Lake Jackson, I found Dr. Grace Pavlovsky and Dr. Jeff Ward! Grace has been seeing me for 5 years and always gets me fixed up. But, I had my doubts that she could repair the damage I had done to myself helping my husband carry a 200+ pound wall of my kitchen to the trash. No more than 12 steps were taken when I audibly heard pop in my back which dropped me to my knees. That happened Thanksgiving 2009, and I have been feeling pain relief in small doses with Grace’s healing hands. But what overnight brought me the most relief was wearing custom foot orthopedics Ward Chiropractic Center had made just for my body. I picked them up at 3 in the afternoon, and about 3 hours after first walking in them the shooting pain that had been plaguing me and had originated in my hip and traveled to my ankle had subsided almost completely. It was truly amazing. It gave me my first real ray of hope that I might not have irreparably damaged myself forever and that I might not have to live a severely limited lifestyle.

I still have a ways to go, I will have to listen to my body with more care, continue doing stretches and continue with regular chiropractic care, but it is “do-able. And it is always a pleasure opening the door to Ward Chiropractic Center because a smile greets me, a positive energy envelops me and there is a sense that everyone there wants to be a part of your healing journey.

Carol Maxon Sampson

I have been a patient of Dr. Ward's since mid July 2007. I have always had a misconception of what chiropractic care was all about. Due to my severe back pain which was worsening day by day, I decided to see Dr. Ward mainly to find out what was wrong with my back. It is now Jan. 2008 and after 6+ months of reconstructive therapy to my spine I am virtually pain free. I was wrong about chiropractics... it isn't 'pop you out and go home'. Dr. Ward diagnoses your problem before he even touches you and then using his state of the art equipment and knowledge in his field he targets the problem area and makes a therapy program to suit your individual need. I highly recommend this man to anyone suffering any discomfort at all. Not to mention he has a wonderful bedside manner. Thank you Dr. Ward!!!!

Marti C.

Dr. Ward is wonderful at what he does, and he makes people feel so comfortable. It has been a pleasure receiving treatment at Ward Chiropractic Center.... I tell everyone Dr. Ward is the one to see!

Sandy A.